Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Nice Spring Day

We had a rare occasion at Castle Turling this past weekend...a significant amount of time with nothing to do.  So, we took advantage and spent some time relaxing in the backyard.  I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures of stuff coming in.  Yes, we have a few things in dirt here.

The wysteria that I spent three years trying to kill before giving in to the losing battle is marching on as it continues its takeover of the patio cover.

Sweet Mary of Jesus is there ANYWHERE the damn weed don't grow?!?

On the left is a Kalenchoe and on the right is an, err, Pinkus Plantus.

My little row of daylillies.  I grew these from seed, at least I think they were seeds, there is probably some other name for them.  However, once I put them in the ground...BOOM...dead.  All went brown.  I went to tear them out and found some of the tiniest points of green coming through, so I left them.  Look at these soldiers coming back, now.  I'm so proud.

The previous owner planted irises.  I dug up most of them and gave them back to him (he is my father-in-law after all), but seem to have missed a few.


  1. The wisteria is just coming in up here too. I always love the look, I'm just not brave enough to plant my own. I think your pink plantus might be a geranium ;) Glad your daylilies came back. Mine have tried to fake me out that way once or twice, but they are remarkable hardy plants.

  2. Irises are sneaky that way. I can't believe a weed found its way into the mother-in-law container. The wisteria is beautiful by the way. Aren't you glad you didn't kill it now?

  3. Curbstone, I'm sticking with Pink Plantus. Although, you're most likely right in these matters. Don't plant a wisteria unless you are fully committed. I have offshoots seventy feet away after they've run under the house!

    Sherlock, I asked myself the same question with the container. Right before I yanked it. The weed, not the mother in law tongue.

  4. Maybe, I shouldn't regret that I don't have wisteria in my garden... But, let's admit, it looks gorgeous!
    I laughed looking at the third picture!