Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weed Abatement

At least that's what the City calls it.  I must applaud the City's methods of keeping the green belt behind our house under control.  They have the opportunity to use various herbicides, but don't.

Here in Southern California wildfires are always a threat.  In our four years in this home, we have had one behind our house on this hill.  By the way, this picture was taken from the back fence.  I have not mentioned it up to this point, but we purchased this home from my in-laws.  I highly recommend this practice in California for property tax reasons.  I digress, though, as my in-laws have informed me that wildfires on this particular hill seem to happen every few years.  The closest coming within 20 yards of the property.  We get sheep during the winter months, as I believe they eat only the greenery.  During the summer when the hill is brown, we get goats, who eat anything whether edible or not.  The Gas Company will bulldoze this area to make access to the natural gas pipe (visible in the picture to the right) and that does clear approximately 30 yards of open space from the back fence.  I must say, the sound of sheep during the day while enjoying the backyard is a welcome change.  Much better than a bulldozer.

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  1. Awesome!

    You're not the only person to have been delighted by the weed abatement sheep. I, too, wrote about this: