Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Next in 2011

Mike Donghia over at Art of Minimalism has asked readers of his blog to post what is next for them in 2011.  I enjoy reading his blog, so thought I would post here what's coming up in 2011.

My miniscule little spot of real estate here in the world of the internet has been around for nearly a year.  I think I'm coming up on the 100th post, as well, but I'll have to check that fact.  Being the beginning of the year, Mike's request over at his blog and the looking back that normally comes with some type of an anniversary has me believing this is a good time to pick some sense of direction, or purpose, if you will.

What I want to do is to actually do what I created this blog for:  a journey or "journal" of a non-gardener attempting to garden.  That's it.  It was also suppose to keep me motivated to perform and keep up with that task by publicly placing expectations on myself.  I've gotten away from that by posting on things that aren't related to my original purpose in order to keep things going.  That's what will change in 2011.

Looking at our garden, it carries a striking resemblance to the exact same garden we had a year ago.  A couple of plants have been added here and there, but for the most part, it's unchanged.  Many projects I started and posted on that I started were never completed.  Again, that's going to change.

So, in a nutshell 2011 will have more gardening.  More planning, creating, maintaining, triumphing and inevitably failing here and there.  Vir Beatum over at Being Manly has a nice post today about pushing through.  "Moreover, the way is often not the along the intended route, but we might well resolve that come hell or high water we shall get where we are going in any case. The important part is not to resign before material difficulties."  Not to resign.  Don't give up.  We'll get there.  Starting now.


  1. Dear Turling, This all sounds very sensible and for me, the joy of gardening is the journey not necessarily the destination. So, be of strong heart, enough small steps do in the end make a long stride....a Garden of Eden will be yours one day!!

  2. You will get there my friend. And thanks for the nod. Always nice to see oneself quoted.

  3. You write about anything, and I'll come read it :D