Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Logical Conclusion... that we can't seem to get this ball rolling!!  So, today we hired someone to help us come up with a plan for this garden.  We've had too many trips to the nursery with no luck and this garden looks strikingly similar to how it looked two years ago.

We have found we're pretty good at doing things once given some direction, and it's the direction we're having trouble establishing.  So, onward and upward.  I'll be introducing our new designer real soon.  Stay tuned...


  1. Even though I could never afford to have someone come in and help me design my landscape, I feel conflicted about whether I'd do it even if I had the money.

    I kind of like the struggle to make my yard how I want it.

    But that's pretty cool you get to do it anyway! :)

  2. I can't wait to see what your new designer comes up with for a plan. We talked to a designer once for our last garden. Started out as a classic new house in a cookie-cutter development, with just dirt for a back yard. The designer wanted $30,000 for a plan for a property with a total area of less than 6,700 square feet (and that included the house). Once we stopped laughing, I went to a local art store, and bought some fancy pencils, and a notepad for less than $20. For us the direction we were looking for was to dig deep and see what we could come up with on our own. But I'm cheap that way! :P I hope your designer is more sensible about price. Good luck!

  3. Goddamn it man, all you need to do is take photos of the plot, post them here, and let everyone use their skills to design you a garden. Then you take the best ideas and declare them as your own.

    Pay someone? I'd rather bum a goat!