Monday, May 3, 2010

Back Lawn Update

So far, so good in the back.  Here's some of the progress:

Here is some of the trenching for the additional sprinkler heads required.  The zones for the previous lawn were broken into two halves.  We removed one half when we added the play set, which is shown below.  Unfortunately, that left about a quarter of the remaining lawn without water, so we need to add three heads to one side.

Here's my son helping out.

Below is where we're currently at.  We need to drop a couple of inches of compost and till it in, then we'll be ready for the sod.


  1. Is it finished? It looks finished to me! Have a beer and congratulate yourself on a job well started.

    Oh, and get a new jacket!

  2. Nice job. You did a lot of work getting the sprinklers fixed, leveling and all.

  3. IG, I had multiple beers at multiple times. The Bolton win was inspiring. Also, you do realize, I'm going to have to start gardening in that jacket and wear it in every post.

    Thank you, Sherlock. It also reminded me that I'm getting old, or at least my right knee is.

  4. You did a great job, particularly in how level you were able to get the soil. Just think, you will soon have beautiful, green lawn to mow ;-)

  5. Thanks, Noelle. I'm not looking forward to the mowing. At all. But, I am looking forward to the kids having someplace to play other then the vacant lot that has been known as our backyard.