Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our First Crop!!!!!

It consists of two tomatoes!!!  I'm so excited I could pee!!!  Ok, maybe not that excited.

Yes, they're small.  Yes, there are only two.  But, I couldn't care less.  Roma tomatoes.  We cut them up and put them on some chicken taco's tonight.  And, they tasted like the most tomatoey tomatoes I've ever had.

Now, the plant itself on the other hand...

I expected it to be, well, bigger.  It has about a dozen tomatoes on it, but the cage is so damn big, I thought this thing would be a monster.  Maybe it's still early in the season.  I give it fish emulsion every two weeks.  That's all it gets, so I don't know if I should be giving it more.  I'll stick with that schedule over the summer and see what happens.


  1. Nice tomatoes! The flavor of home grown tomatoes cannot be beat. Romas tend to grow larger maybe it's because it's in a pot. The onions in the background look great by the way.

  2. Congratulations! It is still a little early in the season. However, it looks like your plant has been so busy setting fruit, it hasn't had a chance to grow yet :P In addition to fish emulsion, you might dry adding a little dry organic tomato food (like Dr. Earth), just to be sure the plant is getting the micro-nutrients it needs too (make sure it's for tomatoes, or all you'll get is green growth). Your plant will catch up. It can be challenging growing tomatoes in pots, as they can get quite huge and be difficult to support. Just keep the plant well watered on those blistering hot summer days.

  3. I'm not sure but I think I'm growing that variety too. Mine are way behind yours although they were late sown. I feed mine a balanced feed before the fruit has set and then a high potash feed from then on.

  4. Thank you, Sherlock. We actually thinned them the other night and had some green onions on our chicken. Excellent.

    Curbstone and Shayla, thank you for the advice. I'll try finding either of the two things you mentioned and add. I'm pondering setting up the drip system for some of the potted veggies, just to be safe. Suppose to be 107 F next week.

  5. You bastard! I want tomatoes! My plants are bigger than yours, and what have they given me? Nada. Nothing. Sweet FA.

    A bit like Emile Heskey, methinks!

  6. My tomatoes are a bit bigger though not much. I am going to add fertilizer - I'm thinking of compost tea. I think that it is best to avoid fertilizer with high N values since then you get lots of green growth and less flowers and fruits - but I'm no expert on this.

  7. HA! The Emile Heskey comment is classic. The only 28 year old who looks like he's 40. Odd.

    Barbara, thank you for stopping by. I'm learning by trial and error and should probably be writing things down to keep track. Since the outlook for hell still doesn't call for snow, I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to stick with the stinky fish emulsion and perhaps another form of organic fertilizer and see what happens.