Monday, September 6, 2010

What Can I Say

Thanks to some people I've been called out on my recent lack of activity.  I wish I could say I won the lottery or was sold to some third division football team somewhere, but life is not that exciting.  The reasons being twofold:  first, I just haven't done anything gardening related.  Every weekend has been filled with non gardening stuff, like auto maintenance:

Dejection, yes.  Me realizing the previous owner smashed into something on the Beast Scout and that plate holding the u-bolts that hold the leaf springs isn't coming off without a torch.  I don't have a torch.  The reasons for which should be obvious.

Second, I was passed over for a promotion at work.  For some reason, that really pissed me off.  They gave me a raise, mind you, but I would have gladly forgone the raise for the promotion.  Now, that I'm finally done feeling sorry for myself, I can get back to very important things.  Like putting wood into the ground.

This is going to be the gate leading through the hedge of brush cherries, I previously posted about.  Now, would be a good place to put a link to that post, but I'm too damn tired.  Two eight foot pieces of redwood dug two feet into the ground and held with concrete.  The individual at the big box hardware store must be on commission, as I was pretty sure three fifty pound bags of concrete would have done the trick.  He was insistent the little sign said three per post, so I bought six.  I'll be returning three tomorrow.  Don't doubt yourself.  Screw the little sign.

Hopefully, this is a better picture to let you know what the finished product will look like.  These cherries have really bounced back from when they first went in.  Now, I just need to build the gate.


  1. Dear Turling, Oh dear, such doom and gloom which is really not like you at all. I am sorry that things have not been quite as you would hope and I understand your disappointment at work. I do hope that, bags of cement aside, you will soon be more yourself and pushing on with, and posting about, your new projects.

  2. 'Some people', huh? Hmph!

    I didn't mean to come off like a doucheface. Just was trying to be funny. That happens to me a lot.

    Kyna:'Hey, Slacker! How come you haven't been at work?' :D

    Co-worker: 'Um, my grandma died.'

    Yep. Stuff just like that.

    That really sucks about not getting the promotion. I'm sorry, dude.

    But no one can put wood in the ground like you!

  3. I must say, I was beginning to wonder about you. Good luck with the scout. Bummer about the promotion. Those posts in the ground look good. Revel in the fact that you were right about the concrete and always keep receipts for that bad advice at the big box store. Despite all that dragged you down recently, I'm glad to hear you are still out there. There is now a gate to build!

  4. Thank you everyone for stopping by. Hopefully, the weather is turning for the better.

  5. So sorry about the promotion, that truly sucks. However, on the upside, you've made progress on your gate, and so far it's cost you three less bags of cement than expected! We've had a gate to build all summer...I have a hunch you're going to get yours finished first though, as ours seems stuck in the terminal 'design phase' :P