Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hopefully, I Learn from My Mistakes

Jury is still out on that.  I'm the slow one in the family.  However, as people pointed out in a previous post where we planted impatiens along the edge of the lawn, impatiens like shade.  Something that spot only received at, well, night.

We dug up the twelve impatiens we planted a couple of weeks ago and moved them to the front walkway. This spot gets early morning sun and is in the shade by 10 or 11 in the morning.  We're hoping these fill in nicely.  I would have had a good lead in had Holland won today since these flowers are a mixture of orange and white, but it was not meant to be.


  1. Shade, sun, sun, shade; it's all the same thing really. It never occured to what conditionsplants like. I just put them into whatever space I have!

    As an aside, I'm glad the old cloggies lost. I just dislike Robben and Van Persie so much, and to see them crying to Webb at the final whistle was glorious!

  2. I hope the impatiens settle in quickly for you and really grow and bloom. I tend to do the opposite. I put sun worshipper in a container under the patio or our locust tree. They just sit there. Then, I drag them out into the sun to get them to bloom.

  3. IG, agree on Van Persie. Other then running like a lady in high heels, I haven't seen enough of Robben to dislike him, yet. I'm sure Chelsea will sign him, and that should do it.

    Sherlock, thanks for the advice on the previous post. That was what caused me to actually look up impatiens. I think they'll do quite well in there new home.

  4. I will look forwatd to them being all filled out and in flower as the colours sound wonderful.

  5. I'm looking forward to it as well, Shayla. Unfortunately, having them in the wrong spot for a couple of weeks took its toll. Hopefully, they'll bounce back soon.