Monday, July 5, 2010

Lions and Tigers and...

...ok, just lions.  Lion's Tail, that is.  Leonotis leonurus.  I almost bought it just for the name.

Native to southern Africa, it will get substantially bigger then the two feet it is now.  It will get large tubular orange flowers that look like, well, a lion's tail!  HA!  These gardener's are so clever with their naming.

After this one was in the ground for a couple of day's, though, it looked like this.

One sad lion.  The moral of this story is to WRITE DOWN your irrigation schedule and don't rely on the memory of the man who goes for a run and forgets to put on his shorts.  Long story, different post.  I swore this bed got water three times a week only to see that it was really one!  No wonder nothing was growing with the temperature now creeping into the 90's F.  Never fear, all is well once again.  And, no, I still haven't written down the irrigation schedule.  Baby steps people, baby steps.


  1. It sounds like a great plant!
    That photo is sad indeed. :-(
    Glad to hear it recovered.
    Please get a calendar!

  2. What???? No shorts? HAHA...

    My garden is baking at the moment as well. An irrigation schedule is probably what I need as well. It's easy to procrastinate when you have to water everything by hand. The drip irrigation will have to wait until next year.

  3. Oh you can't expect a man to remember things like that!!! At work I have a PDA that reminds me of most things and usually if there is something it over looks its my fault for not telling it in the first place. I think the plant will recover. A good thing to put around the base to keep in the moisture is a few grass clippings I've also heard that stones around the base will also do the same job.

  4. Thank you Sherlock. Getting the calendar is not the problem, though, it's the actual writing in it.

  5. LeonOTIS, Lion's Ear (oto-rhino-laryngologist?) It has velvety flowers that would feel like a lion's ear. If you were inclined to stroke a lion's ear ... Can't grow them here, they need more summer watering than I will give, unless it's my roses.

  6. Thank you Shayla. I was actually in the process of putting in the drip irrigation when I took the picture, so the mulch was returned to it. We do have stones around a palm in the front, and they work significantly better at keeping in the moisture and out the weeds then the mulch.

    Elephant's Eye, I thought these were native to Africa? Perhaps, you are in a different part. It's amazing what I could grow at our previous home only 40 miles away that I can't grow here.

  7. Leonotis Leonurus sounds like a gladiator. Looks like you're as good with a watering schedule as I am :P