Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They Bloom?

Mother In Laws Tongue.  They bloom.  Who knew?  Ok, ALL of you, I know.

It's in there.  In the middle.

P.S.  This probably isn't fantastic news if you're English, but for an American Spurs fan it is.  Fabio Capello was kept on as England coach, so Harry Redknapp was signed to an extension today that will keep him at Spurs (yes, I know "loosely") through 2013.  I think that calls for a drink.  IG?


  1. Interesting! I never knew that they bloomed either.

  2. I didn't know they bloomed. I'm still waiting for mine to perk back up. Very cool bloom by the way.

  3. Ha ha - you enjoy your drink and your flower, and no I didn't know they flowered although I think most things do given half a chance but maybe I'm wrong about that.

  4. Who says nothing nice comes off of a mother-in-law's tongue?

  5. Not entirely the fault of Capello .. blame the long football season and the number of non English players in the Premier League.

    The new season will soon be here - already the clubs are going on tour and playing friendly matches.

    The majority of the Spanish team come from two clubs - Real Madrid and Barcelona so they are used to playing together as a team.

    If England do not qualify for the next Euro championship then Capello will go...

  6. Whoa! Mine never bloomed. Who knew? I had no idea, and we had one in the house for years as an indoor plant. Yours is clearly happier for being outside!

  7. Thank you everyone, I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one.

    Petrus, I believe you are correct about Capello. Redknapp has said he would love to coach England, so I assumed he would be the choice to replace him.

  8. To be honest, I have never been ... and still am not ... a Redknapp fan. He's just not of the calibre we need to go to the top. If you consider the stupid points we dropped last season (Everton, Wolves, Stoke, etc.), it should never have been a last day thing. He played Modric on the left, the right and in the centre, instead of using him as advanced playmaker. He played Krancjar on the right, preferring to leave Bentley on the bench when Lennon was injured. He tried desperately to sell Bale, only playing him when Assou-Ekotto was unavailable. He brought in Gudjohnssen, but allowed Gio to go to Turkey, Keane (a turncoat but better than Gudjohnssen) to celtic and left Pav on the bench. If Defoe hadn't had a good season, we'd have been sunk.

    Now he's fixated with Joe Cole and Fabiano - the latter being a lone front man! We need a world class central defender or two, and a left back, a decent Premiership quality back-up keeper, and we need a consistent crosser that can play on either the right or left.

    He's going after a left/central midfielder (we have Modric, Krancjar and potentially Rose for left/centre, as well as Huddlestone, Palacios, O'Hara and now Sandro in the centre.

    Historically, you only have to look at the talented youth he's let go to see that he doesn't know how to work with young talent. Don't get me wrong, he's brilliant at squeezing a bit more out of old players, but you win little with a changing rota or players looking at one last season.

    I also find him frustratingly slow to change things when he gets it wrong. Every manager makes errors, but Redknapp won't take decisive action. He has Plan A, and that's it, plus whilst the back-room staff are great ex-players, they're not really the best coaches.

    Oh, and he's got that bloody facial twitch.

    Never liked him before he arrived, have yet to see anything that dispells my fears. Redknapp for England? Yes please, take him!

  9. Well, IG, having only been a fan for a few years now, he's the best we've had that I've seen. Our coaching staff seems to be a revolving door. Who would you get, if you could be Levy for a day?