Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Beast: Archival Footage Found

I haven't been posting much on the Beast recently.  That will change.  One of the wonderful lifestyle features of living in the suburbs is the requirement to drive.  And, not just around the corner, mind you, I mean EVERYWHERE.  We have a family car we bought in June 2009.  Less then three years old, and we just ticked past 48,000 miles.  The Beast was purchased so we can ride around in a little style.  The kids love it, because there are no airbags, so the boy can sit in the front seat.  Ah, the little things when you're 9.

The Beast is a 1972 International Harvester Scout II.  I bought it in May 2010.  Since purchasing it, we've replaced the fuel system (tank, hoses, filters), rebuilt the transmission, replaced the clutch, purchased new tires and added an exhaust system as previous owners had cut the tailpipes right in the middle of the car under the front seat.  Imagine the smell coming through the rusted floor at stop lights.  Yummy.

Searching for parts on Google, because let's be honest, having an old car is a never ending search for parts, I came across the above video.  I'm guessing it's a previous owner showing it off for sale.  Those beautiful tires you see I think were sold off by a later owner before me, as we received four mismatched tires.  Try keeping a truck with four different sized tires and a shaky front suspension on the freeway.  Scary.  We, however, will be using the video as a good reference point to show where we started.  And, don't worry about any of the rust you see, Scout's actually rolled off the assembly line with rust.

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