Monday, February 13, 2012

Garden: Tree Trimmin'

It's that time of year, again.  Trimming up the olive tree so it doesn't look like an olive bush.  Per various reputable and not-so-reputable sources, a new tree should be trimmed up over the course of three years.  This is year 2.  Here's the hired help.  Don't laugh, they work cheap, if not for very long.

Sun spot in the bottom corner.  Unfortunately, cropping it ruins the effect of seeing the before.  And, the trees been trimmed, so there's no taking another before picture.  This blogging thing is harder then I thought.

And, the after.  Not too shabby for a guy with little to no clue.  Next year, we'll trim it up one more time and, hopefully, it should actually look like a tree.  Go figure.

I also can't figure out what kind of olive it is, but this year it gave another hint in that there are no olives.  So, it's bi-annual.  Hopefully, it's bi-annual and I didn't neuter it somehow.  Don't tell me all olives are bi-annual, either.  With me thinking I have a clue and all.


  1. Hey, nice job! I've got a forest here that could use a little light pruning if you're up for it ;) Seriously though, the olive tree looks much better. Love the new blog layout too...I almost didn't recognize it!

  2. My my, that was overgrown! But it looks like they've cut off some of its oldest main branches, when pruning you should always go for branches a bit further up and secondary. It promotes good growth. Happy gardening!

    -Oscar Valencia
    Tree Pruning Bronx