Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Garden: The Plan, Part II

In part I, we looked at the overall layout of the garden.  In part II, we'll take a look at the type of plants we're going to put in.  Part III, next week, will show the before and after and part IV will be an estimate of the volume of this particular endeavor.  Think Egyptian pyramids.  You won't want to miss those, as I give all of my embarrassing full disclosure pictures of the yard.  I'll need a few pints before those, so the images may be a little blurry.  Trust me, it will be better that way.

Anyway, here we go:

Above is some examples of the stone work that the patios and walkways will be made from.

Examples of the type of stonework to be used on walls, planters, etc.

Front yard plantings for the courtyard.

Side yard at the shed.

Side yard to the right near the pergola, just below the vegetable garden.

Backyard courtyard area and back planter near rear wall.

We haven't yet received (read:  paid for) the construction drawings which will include all hardscaping, irrigation and planting diagrams.  We have, however, received an estimate of total cost if we hired someone to do it and it contains, well, an assload of plants.  That means a lot in American.  That will be a future post I'll most likely have to write while drunk.  In the meantime, enjoy the garden inspiration.

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