Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Garden: Our California "Winter"

Jerusalem Sage.  Blooms late spring to early fall.

Lion's Tail.  Blooms late summer and early fall.

I hate to break the news to the two of them that it's February.  As far from normal bloom times as one can get.  We have had an exceptionally warm and dry winter, as I understand the rest of the country is undergoing the same thing overall.  We have been between 70F (21C) to 80F (27C) since Christmas with an occasional near 90F (32C) for good measure.  My normal turning off of the irrigation has failed to happen at all this year.  I certainly hope it's not a sign of a miserably hot summer.


  1. I'm afraid it's a sign of a hot summer, and drought to come. Like you, we haven't been able to stop watering (well until the 7 inches of rain we finally got 2 weeks ago). It has been an odd winter. At least you've been able to enjoy a few extra blooms though.

  2. Warm and Dry has been the story here to since our pre Christmas blizzard.

    Today 60 degrees. Friday, we're suppose to have a winter storm. We'll see.

  3. A lot of the stuff in my garden is blooming and/or leafing out way too early due to our bizarro winter weather. I also have a Lion's Tail that started blooming about 2 weeks ago. Go figure. There's rain in the forecast for tomorrow here in SoCal, so let's hope it's the real stuff and not just some miserly mist.