Thursday, December 8, 2011

Check this out

Just wanted to point out the Rohan Anderson over at Whole Larder Love has a video series on several recipes that he has put together for a TV station.  Check them out.  They're as follows:

December 5:    Rocket Pesto

December 6:    Spanish Rabbit

December 7:    Spring Slice with Garden Salad

December 8:    Smoked Eel Tagliatelle with Asparagus

I'm interested in that rabbit, as I have hundreds of the things running through my backyard.  You've been warned, Bugs!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Sunday morning, me and the boy went fishing.  I haven't been fishing in at least 30 years.  My son has the outdoors bug, and I'm trying to urge that bug to continue to grow.  So, off we went.

Look at that cast!  Unfortunately, that was about the only thing to look at.  We caught exactly squat.  Which is American for zip, zero and nada.  Not even a nibble!

The boy did re-teach me quite a few things, as he's gone fishing with his grandfather a couple of times.  He taught me, once again, the fisherman's knot seen above to attach hook to line.  Unfortunately, most of my time was spent dealing with this!

After the THIRD time of this happening, I threw in the towel and shared my son's rod.  Of course, with his I have absolutely no trouble.  I guess that's what I get from buying the cheapest set up Turner's Outdoors had.  The rod itself is nice, so it looks like a new reel is in order.

It was unfortunate that we came up blank, as I was really looking forward to smoking some trout.  And, no, not that kind of smoking.