Here we are...the suburbs.  Merriam-Webster defines the suburbs as "an outlying part of a city or town."  But, that doesn't do it justice.  The suburbs have been my home for my entire life, so I figure I know them pretty well.  Cookie cutter houses, massive shopping malls with equally massive parking lots, no architecture to speak of and cars, cars and more cars.

That brings me here.  Living in the 'burbs.  There is nothing I can do of the vast urban sprawl my family and I find ourselves in the middle of.  Well, there is, but that would be a different blog where we move.  We're not moving.  As I was saying, I can't change the world surrounding us, but I can definitely shape our little square foot of it.  That's the aim of this blog.  To transform our little piece of real estate into an abode that shelters us from the bombardment of suburban Los Angeles.

Now, I'm not an interior designer, fashion designer, photographer, hipster, writer, millionaire and the like, just as I assume neither are the vast majority of people.  That doesn't mean I don't have anything to share.  So, that's what I'm going to do here.  Hope you enjoy.

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