Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Another Wednesday. It is Wednesday, Yes?

Well, I was going to have one of two exciting posts, but alas, I can't.  Why do you ask, oh curious reader?  Well, they would have required pictures.  And, my lovely wife, whom is not home at the moment, took the card from our big, expensive camera to put in the little handheld camera.  Now, I do find it funny that the little, inexpensive camera can take a few pictures without a card, but I'll be damned if our big expensive camera (which I have) can't do jack diddly squat without the card!!!  So, what's one to do?  Yes, exactly.  Sit around, drink beer, smoke cigars and watch the lawn be watered.  Very important that I keep an eye on the hose to be sure some mysterious kink doesn't appear.  A fate worse then death, I say.

But, all is not lost.  I do have have a little tidbit for those of you waiting by your computers with bated breath for my next words of wisdom.  I have three words for you.  (I learned this from Kyna who has her "What Are You Listening To" posts.)  Three words.  William. Elliot. Whitmore.  Go to ITunes.  Now.  No, wait, not yet, I have a few more words.  If you don't believe me completely (shame!), then just download "Johnny Law".  You're welcome.  Now...go.

P.S.  He has a new track here and it's free!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Report of My Death Was an Exaggeration

We have, shockingly, been putting a few plants into the ground here at Castle Turling.  See???  I have pictures to prove it.

Looks like we knew what we were doing, eh?  Well, it's the benefit of going to a nursery, and not to a big box store.  We went to our local Village Nursery and told ourselves that come hell or highwater we weren't leaving until we had the plants to fill this area.  We rounded up a couple of employees, who happened to be husband and wife and also landscape designers.  We had our measurements, so we marked out in one of the aisles the size of our plot.  Then, we (read:  they) set to work.  Three months salary later, we ended up with this:

We took some photos, they set us up with planting plan and off we went.  Something is actually complete!!!!  Sweet Lordy, hallelujah!!  Granted it's 7/10's of 1% of the yard, but every journey starts with a single step.  Or drunken stagger as the case may be.

Here's what's in here:

1 Golf Ball Kohuhu
2 Red Kangaroo Paw 'Big Red'
1 Gold Kangaroo Paw 'Gold Velvet'
A Buttload (yes, it's an amount) of Senecio Mandraliscae
1 Riceflower
4 Red Hot Pokers
3 Pittosporum Crassifolium 'Nana'
1 Iceberg Rose

Now, we just have to get some irrigation in the works here, so I don't have to remember to water.  Anyone who knows me understands that the words "I" and "remember" are like water and oil when it comes to me.  Hopefully, mass plant genocide due to starvation isn't our next report.

Keep calm and go plant something.