Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Another Wednesday. It is Wednesday, Yes?

Well, I was going to have one of two exciting posts, but alas, I can't.  Why do you ask, oh curious reader?  Well, they would have required pictures.  And, my lovely wife, whom is not home at the moment, took the card from our big, expensive camera to put in the little handheld camera.  Now, I do find it funny that the little, inexpensive camera can take a few pictures without a card, but I'll be damned if our big expensive camera (which I have) can't do jack diddly squat without the card!!!  So, what's one to do?  Yes, exactly.  Sit around, drink beer, smoke cigars and watch the lawn be watered.  Very important that I keep an eye on the hose to be sure some mysterious kink doesn't appear.  A fate worse then death, I say.

But, all is not lost.  I do have have a little tidbit for those of you waiting by your computers with bated breath for my next words of wisdom.  I have three words for you.  (I learned this from Kyna who has her "What Are You Listening To" posts.)  Three words.  William. Elliot. Whitmore.  Go to ITunes.  Now.  No, wait, not yet, I have a few more words.  If you don't believe me completely (shame!), then just download "Johnny Law".  You're welcome.  Now...go.

P.S.  He has a new track here and it's free!!!


  1. Your new landscaping looks good. Too busy to blog lately? Lou Murray