Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fingers Crossed

We have a lace leaf Hydranga on one side of the yard.  We decided to move it to another side of the yard.  Of course, I make this decision after it's already started to come back to life.  That's how I roll.

I also realized as my son and I were digging that the cinder block wall put in before we moved in runs right over half the root ball, so there was a large amount of sweating, grunting, swearing...and that was just the boy.

We finally got it moved.  So, fingers crossed as this is one of my wife's favorite plants.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Never Ending Side of the Back...

The great daylilly experiment was an absolute failure.  So, we replaced them with boxwoods.  In the front near the grass, we're going to drop in some annuals.  I moved some of the surviving daylillies over to near the shed.  We also added some Peacock Irises, Cordilyne "Cha Cha" and Cordilyne "Electric Pink.  Lastly, I moved the Pink Panther Phormeum from the front yard where it was getting it's ass handed to it by the lavender.

Lastly, the orange tree has been ripped from the ground and I dropped a multi-trunk white Crepe Myrtle in its place.  Only, it's more of a stick at the moment, so I'll get a picture of it when it actually has some leaves and doesn't look like, well, a freaking stick.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

See, We Still Grow Stuff

It's been a while, but we're still pluggin' away here at Castle Turling.  I got one of the two raised beds to actually grow some winter vegetables.  That we ate!

In this bed is broccoli first and foremost.  We're coming to the end of the season.  It was 91F today, so I'm guessing this won't last much longer.

I also planted a ton of lettuce, not realizing just how far lettuce goes.  I've been trimming away at it for salads and it just keeps on growing.  I think I'll put in about half next year.  I also have carrots, onions and garlic in here.

I also put in winter squash, but I'm guessing winter squash is named using the same reasoning as Iceland and Greenland, meaning winter squash needs to be planted in the summer.  Because this stuff sprouted and took one look at the weather and immediately died.  Bastards.

Anyway, the summer raised bed will get planted soon.  Then, I'll do a second planting in the winter bed after it's been cleared out, which I'm guessing will not be long from now.  In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying that lettuce.