Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Never Ending Side of the Back...

The great daylilly experiment was an absolute failure.  So, we replaced them with boxwoods.  In the front near the grass, we're going to drop in some annuals.  I moved some of the surviving daylillies over to near the shed.  We also added some Peacock Irises, Cordilyne "Cha Cha" and Cordilyne "Electric Pink.  Lastly, I moved the Pink Panther Phormeum from the front yard where it was getting it's ass handed to it by the lavender.

Lastly, the orange tree has been ripped from the ground and I dropped a multi-trunk white Crepe Myrtle in its place.  Only, it's more of a stick at the moment, so I'll get a picture of it when it actually has some leaves and doesn't look like, well, a freaking stick.

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