Monday, February 22, 2010

Post 1

Welcome! Here will be the musings, trials, failures, triumphs (hopefully outweighing the failures), anecdotes and various writings about my families’ journey of turning our humble abode into a homestead. We hope you will come along for the ride and offer suggestions, criticisms or general comments along the way.

We live on a lot of 8,500 square feet in Southern California. That’s a fairly good size by California standards. At this point, the landscape is a blank slate. We’ve planted a couple of items to this point, but nothing substantial. We want to create areas to grow food, entertain, work, play and live. We’ll be sharing plans, building the gardens and the finished products.

We should have full disclosure in that neither I nor my wife are trained landscape professionals. We are two people who like to get our hands dirty and would like to pass on to our two children something other then television and video games. As we embark, there will be many mistakes along the way and, hopefully, a lesson or two to be learned from them.


  1. Good luck to you ... will enjoy following your journey ..

  2. May your children, learn by doing, to garden and love nature.