Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Daylillies

I'm starting to think I have some type of daylilly crush.  I picked up a couple of more.

Ok, the main reason I picked these up is a) we have no plants and this is a gardening blog and b) the red one on the right is called Red Rum.  Redrum!!!!  Really, how was I going to let that one pass.

All axes will be kept far away from the far side of the yard...for obvious reasons.

Now, I took a picture of them in the pots to point something out.

Each pack came with two plants and, honestly, I don't remember which is which, so we'll say the one's in the back are the Red Rum's.  Yes, there are five, that's for later, stick with me.  I have previously planted some day lillies, but as you can see if you care to look back, there is no green sticking out the top.  The previous daylillies (yes, I've spelled it differently 4 times now, get over it, as I'll probably spell it differently going forward) did not have green stuff sticking out.  They were on sale for $1, I think, and there was no green as it was late in the season.  So, I just shoved the whole thing in the pot, thinking it was like a bulb.  It's not like a bulb.  It's like a day LiLLy (now, I'm just messin' with you).  The fifth plant in the picture above is the lone survivor from the one's I planted previously.  I know it's small, that's because we have f-ing rabbits who continuously eat it to the ground.

I've now put all five up on a table until they get large enough to where the rabbits won't seem to want to eat them.  I've found they tend to stay away from the larger plants.  Then, into the garden they'll go.  Look at me go...gardening.


  1. Happy New Year Old man. I'm very impressed by a planting scheme that takes cognizance of "the Shining".... And one cannot help but be pleased to see Santa bought you such a fine brew kit. You have clearly been a VERY good boy. Old Springy got bottles of Port and Brandy, so I must have been good too. Can't say I remember,though.

    In Blighty, gardening is on hold. It has snowed, and then frozen, and then thawed - so now it is raining with a special vigour and determination peculiar to Britain in January. And since we all have flu, log fires, tea and biscuits, and long dozy afternoons with a rug over the knees are the order of the day.

    Sometimes I wonder how I stand the pace.

  2. Springheel, good to see you around. I'm not sure what I would do without the occasional 80F week, although I could probably get used to your hectic pace caused by your January in Britain.

  3. Oh, by the by, if you end up in the UK and want to come down the Lane, don't mention the fucking daylillies.

  4. Okay, I'm pissed, but daylillies?

    Fuck me, daylillies.

    That's like Villa signing Bent for £24 million!

  5. IG, I'm coming to the UK and wearing a t-shirt that says "I Love Daylillies", right below where it says, "I'm with the Idiot". Maybe I could bring some daylillies to the Lane. That should spruce it up a bit.

    And, it least Spurs are getting a good chunk of that Bent money. Should make up for the fact no one wants to buy Keane.

  6. I reckon Pav will be on his way to Sunderland; at least that's the rumour! God knows what we are going to do with Pienaar. It's not like we're short of midfielders. I'm hoping that someone has the sense to sign a consistent striker, a decent left back and a healthy central defender. Oh, and a keeper that doesn't have spasms!

  7. I have three daylilies that I got for free. I previously stayed away from them, but when it's free I can't pass it up.

    I got them late in the summer, so I missed all the flowering. I'll see how they do this year in terms of wanting to get rid of them or not.

    An 'I Love Daylilies' shirt would be kind of gay. Just sayin'. Not that there's anything wrong with that. At least I'd have someone to attend the parades with from now on.