Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Style: Cufflinks

Note to self:  clean lamp next time

Are there some things in life that just bring you joy?  These are some of those for me.  

I don't wear cufflinks every day, but when I do I make sure they count.  I don't own too many pairs, although that may be a good idea for a future post, but the one's I own I wear.  Several inherited from my grandfather, a pair that was a gift from my father-in-law and a few I've purchased myself.  These beauties fall into the last category.  E-bay.  Great place.

Today we play Wigan, so I'm wearing the lucky links, as we seem to need some help after the theft we had at Manchester City.  I haven't kept track of our won/loss record while wearing these, but no matter.  I'm sure the lads feel empowered with me wearing them.

As I stated previously, I don't wear cufflinks every day.  Not even every other day.  You see, I live in the suburbs.  And work in the suburbs.  I'm happy if my co-worker's are wearing a laundered shirt...and shoes.  But, I choose to try.  So today, at 11:45 am Pacific Standard Time (tune in), I'll be wearing my cuff links.

1 comment:

  1. You need to keep a tally.

    That's one out of one. Mind you, I bet you were wearing them when he signed Saha. You lose a point for that. Oh, and Ryan Nelsen. You lose a point for that.

    We were going to beat Wigan anyway, so those cufflinks are responsible for Saha and Nelsen.

    Burn the bloody things!