Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Donate for a Good Cause

The Idiot Gardener (I have no idea if he's one of the bloke's in the picture above, although I guess he could be one of the women, it is the internet after all.  Maybe even the dog) has got himself an allotment plot, I believe it's called.  We call it a community garden, but I'm sure there's something witty they call it over in the old land.  I can call it that thanks to  Who would have thought I was Scottish/Irish on one side and 100% German on the other.  Explains all the yelling at Christmas.

Anyway, he has himself one of these plots that is also being used for educational purposes at a local school.  In order to get it up and running, they need to put in some deer fencing.  Anyone who has gardened with deer know that nightmare.  I have rabbits.  They're easier to shoot and eat.  And the fencing is cheaper.  Their club is called the Felbridge Garden Club and the Idiot has created a website where you can go and donate to this worthwhile club.  I have given some, so the gauntlet has been dropped.

So, go.  I have no doubts that if he can raise the required money's, then Spurs will win the League.  The God's look kindly upon those who give.  Or, at least that's what I'm told.


  1. You're an absolute star, and a bloody generous donation too! That seat at the Lane is on me next time you arrive in town!!!

  2. IG, it's my pleasure. It was either make a donation or just mail you a lot of bullets to handle the deer problem.