Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Arsenal...Lasagna, It's What's for Dinner!!

Final game of the Premier League season tomorrow at 7 am PDT.  Our beloved Tottenham Hotspur take on Fulham at home as we sit in fourth place.  Arsenal sit right above us in third.  A win by us combined with anything other then a win by Arsenal put us third.  I expect both of you will be watching!!  And to all the Arsenal players out there, I understand lasagna is a fantastic pregame meal.  Eat up, lads!

Also, it appears Fox is putting a game on nearly every channel it has on cable television (although, surprisingly not on FOX).  Spurs will be on Fox Soccer Channel, but the following channels will be showing games, as well:

  • ESPN2 (not Fox) -  Manchester City v. Queens Park Rangers
  • FX - Sunderland v. Manchester United
  • Speed Network - Chelsea v. Blackburn Rovers
  • Fuel TV - Swansea v. Liverpool
  • FSN - West Brom v. Arsenal (come on Baggies, win your last one for Hodgson!)
  • Fox Soccer - Spurs v. Fulham
  • Fox Soccer Plus - Stoke v. Bolton
  • - Everton v. Newcastle
  • Fox Soccer 2go - Norwich v. Aston Villa
  • Fox Soccer 2go - Wigan v. Wolverhampton
And, for those of you outside the U.S., yes, we have a lot of freaking TV stations.

P.S.  Also, Premier League executives, the final matches on Mother's Day?  Really???  Throw a brother a bone!!  Do you know how much of my Father's Day I now have to trade away to get the game on in the morning.  Crikey!  Yes, I felt an Australian saying was appropriate.

P.P.S.  For those of you unfamiliar with the lasagna reference, several years ago going into the final game Spurs sat fourth and Arsenal fifth.  Spurs lost, Arsenal won resulting in a flip-flopping of positions knocking us out of Champions League qualification.  It was blamed on bad lasagna the night before, although that's probably a load of hooey and in ten years it will be said we were attacked by ninja's, I'm sure.  So, let's just get that ball rolling.  You heard it here first:

Headline for May 8, 2006:

"Spurs Attacked by Ninjas!  Lose Fourth to Arsenal!"  Story at 11!

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