Sunday, November 4, 2012

No Wonder My Tomatoes Were Crap

Yes, that is a tomato worm.  And, yes, it's as big as my freaking femur!  Nobody tells you they blend so well.  I found three of these when we ripped the tomatoes out a while back.  I'm sure there were 276 I didn't find.  Bastards.


  1. Ugly thing. I hope that you kept it from reproducing. I lucked out this year. I had NO hornworms on my tomatoes. Unlike last year. :-(

  2. Our last garden was overrun with these. I never understood how they could be so damn huge, and impossible to see at the same time. I learned instead to look for the frass they leave behind. Maybe you need some turkeys...they love them! I'd suggest chickens, but I think they'd choke on them :P