Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Camera Weekend

We finally got the new camera on Saturday that we have been discussing/researching/pondering for weeks, now.  We don't like to rush into these things.  We got a Canon Rebel EOS T1i.  This is the most complicated piece of machinery I have ever witnessed.  Keep in mind, I am not technologically savvy.  I am completely befuddled by the copy machine at work and if anything goes wrong with the computer that requires anything more than turn it off and then back on, I'm at a loss.  My lovely wife, though, does crazy things like reading the instructions.  I did try that, as well, but then decided the best way to figure something out is to go out and start using it.  So, off I went.

Remember, I was perplexed by the technologically.  Next time I'll remember to dead-head a little.

That azalea actually decided to grace us with more then one or two blooms at a time this year.

I'm absolutely fascinated by our new dwarf pomegranate.

The agave is a little spent.  One of four spikes we got this year.  It's up against the south side of the shed which acts as a furnace and the agave does quite well.

Hopefully, the new camera will better the quality of the photos.  Unfortunately, I cannot do much about the quality of the writing other then promise that things get better with practice.


  1. Nice pictures of some gorgeous blooms! As for the new camera, I lost my camera's manual and just push all the buttons and learn that way. Good luck!

  2. That's a great camera. I have a lot of friends that love it. I have a Nikon D60 wish is a good starter camera but I have yet to learn about 90% of the things it can do.

  3. How exciting that you got a new camera! You will have so much fun trying out all of the new settings. The flowers look really pretty in the closeups. Have fun!

  4. We share a new camera, and some plants.

  5. All these garden blogs have been pushing me towards a new camera. Now you've added to that! I'm trying to put off the jump until I have something other than mud to take pictures of!

  6. IG, there is a reason the pictures of the foliage are from a distance of 14 inches. You really don't want to see what's around them at the moment.

  7. Camera envy! Take photos of EVERYTHING! Good luck.