Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Furniture

This past weekend, we picked up a few items for a seating area we plan on creating.  The chairs and bench, along with a table that didn't fit in the car, are courtesy of my sister who lives out on the coast.  They are in their final resting place; however, it won't be looking like that when all is said and done.  I must make a note to clean up behind the shed before posting pictures on the internet.  Lesson learned.  At least the Camelia is in bloom.

The furniture was my favorite!!  We're going to sand them down and repaint them.  My lovely wife would like to paint them white, but I'm thinking something brighter, such as yellow or red.  I'm afraid white will look a little dirty after a short while.  My sister is looking to replace them, as she thinks they are just a little too worn.  I'm thinking they're just coming into their prime.

We're trying to use as much recycled or re-used items in the yard as possible.  We've recycled some bricks from other parts of the yard and salvaged some more from a relative.  They're going to become the walk in the vegetable garden.  The shed in the background was an interesting project, but we'll save that for another post.

One last picture of them in use.  My apologies on the quality of the pictures.  We're in need of a camera upgrade and, perhaps, I could use a little practice with regards to keeping still.


  1. I think they're really nice and free is always the best! They'll look great no matter what color they end up. Your kids are very cute. My kids look blurry in most pictures because they never stop moving.

  2. I love it that you recycle instead of discard. Those chairs are lovely and have many years of good use ahead of them. --Lou Murray