Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Food Day

Today is April Food Day.  Millions of people will be hungry today just in our country alone.  Tens of millions will be hungry around the world.  The Elengantologist at Easy and Elegant Life has asked, along with April Food Day, for bloggers around the world to bring hunger to the forefront on this day.

As gardeners we hold, I believe, a special place in the fight against hunger.  We all have the knowledge, if not the skill, to feed ourselves and our families by growing our own food.  In addition, we all have the ability and for many probably the reality of growing more food then we can possibly consume ourselves.  We also have the ability to teach others how to grow their own food and be somewhat self sustaining no matter their economic or geographic limitations.  I have visited and continue to visit many bloggers whom grow fruits and vegetables on their balconies in major industrialized cities, Sue at the The Balcony Garden I'm looking at you.  In spaces probably smaller then our downstairs bathroom.

I'm not asking for money, although if you are so inclined the link above (I still haven't figured out this blogging thing to get a link to be imbedded into a picture) will take you to April Food Day where you can make a donation.  I am asking that you try.  Give advice to a fellow blogger (myself and the The Idiot Gardener can use all the help we can get), volunteer at a school, donate some excess to a food bank or send some seeds to the multitude of inner city gardens in order to stamp out hunger in the world.  Thank you for your time.


  1. Well said. There is always something more that most of us can do. Many people here have more citrus fruit then they know what to do with. So, people are encouraged to drop off their excess fruit to their nearest food bank.

  2. Thank you, Noelle. I believe citrus, and in my neck of the woods avocados, would be a perfect item to cart off to your local food bank. I'm guessing they don't get a lot of fresh produce.

  3. Thank you so much for posting on April Food Day! We really appreciate your support!

  4. Ha! You fooled me! I thought the title was April Fool Day!

    I donate to the local food shelf all summer - not much out in my garden right now, tho. I like the idea of donating excess seeds. I'm sure many gardeners have stashes of that to give away!

  5. I had never heard of this before. My dream is to one day start an urban farm that supplied fresh veggies to shelters around the city. If all of us local gardeners banded together, there's no telling how much food we could produce for the less fortunate.

  6. That's a noble goal and pursuit, Thomas. From visiting your blog, I have no doubts you will be successful at it.