Saturday, April 24, 2010

Darkness Falls

Darkness has hit Castle Turling this morning.  We have suffered a great loss, and may take weeks to overcome it.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Tottenham Hotspur fell to Manchester United 3-1.  Two well deserved penalties against us could not be overcome.  It was not meant to be today.

Now, the part that pains me most.  I'm trying to muster the courage to type the words.  *sip*.  That helped. *gulp*.  Ok, that helped more.  Ok.  Here it goes.  We must....must may be a strong word.  Should is probably better.  We should pull for...wait for it...Arsenal.  There!  There it is.  I wrote it.  It's out in the open, now!  Arsenal must get a result against Manchester City (game starts in half an hour), in order for us to maintain fourth place.  I know it pains all of you to be forced to do this, but sometimes the dirty work needs to be done.  Now, it's off to get a pint (I know it's 9 am, get off of my cloud!) and to push the children from my spot on the couch.  Arsenal.  I feel dirty.

Updated:  Arsenal held Manchester City to a draw.  We're still in fourth, ladies and gentlemen.  Three games to go, then I'll stop talking about it.  Until July 17th, when our beloved Tottenham Hotspur come to San Jose, California for an exhibition against the San Jose Earthquakes.  Don't you worry, I will take plenty of pictures!!


  1. Say it aint so! It's a foul, foul business.

  2. Why didn't Twitchy Redknapp play Kaboul at right back, Ekotto and left back, Bale on the left wing and Modric in the centre with Thud? Then we would have probably got a point at least. The pivotal match now is at City.

  3. Vir beatum, unfortunately you do what you have to do.

    IG, it was the right back that was the problem with Assou Ekotto creating the first penalty and Pelacios the second after he moved to right back. Completely agree on Kaboul, he did a fantastic job against Chelsea. At least City drew. Now, wins against Bolton and Burnley (who were just relegated) requires us to only get a draw against City. Completely attainable.

  4. This is completely foreign to me. Hahahaha.