Sunday, May 16, 2010


We planted (sowed?  seeded? inseminated?) peppers this past weekend.  Well, we took the seeds from the packet and put them into pots.

This was a mix my lovely wife picked up and sowed.  I think sowed is the proper term as now that I'm reading the packet, that's what it says.  This mix consists of Anaheim Chili, Jalapeno, Hungarian Wax, Long Slim Red Cayenne and Serrano Chili.

Here's the dirt.  We planted them in the pots you put directly into the ground.  After watering them, I'm don't see how these pots will last the few weeks they need to remain indoors.  We'll see.  Supposedly, someone smarter then us has tested these pots and they work.  If they're going to end up as big piles of mud, please let me know so I can put them in something else.

From what I understand, we are a little late in getting these started.  However, I'm hoping the living in California phenomenon (whatever that may be) graces us with peppers.  For the life of me, I don't know when the "last frost date" is.  I'm sure it's in an almanack.  I'm not even sure we have a first frost date.


  1. I haven't planted anything in peat pots myself but I buy plants in peat pots from greenhouses all the time. When I remove plants from containers at the end of the season, some of the pots are still recognizable with roots going through them. So, they must hold up better than it looks. Great mix of peppers!

  2. They will survive just fine. I tend to use them for things that allegedly have fragile roots. They last better than you'd think!

  3. Thank you, Sherlock and IG. I'm sure you are both correct and they will hold up just fine. Now, where my wife wants them to go in the garden, that's a different matter. I think it's where the builder cleaned their concrete machinery. I may need a jackhammer for that space.

  4. Your peat pots will be just fine. It might be a little late to get started with pepper seeds, but you're further south than us, so your warmer weather will probably help you catch up. For first/last spring and fall frost dates, this might help:

  5. I hope you're able to get some peppers. If not I guess you can use the left over seeds for next year.

  6. I enjoyed visiting your blog this morning.
    I am a newbie too (2 years).
    I am addicted though-
    I have tomatoes and zinnias this year, but no peppers.

    Come by if you have time.

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  7. Curbstone, my lord, who knew! Well, I'll have to put that on the calendar, just as soon as I buy a calendar.

    Catherine, thank you, I hope we get some, as well. If not, like you said, there's always next year. And, a calendar.

    Laura, thank you for stopping by, I shall be sure to give you a visit.

  8. I have been using these this year and they work great. I peel the tops and sides off of mine and the bottom sits right in the little hole. You don't have to do this but so far I like this method. Have a nice day. Becca

  9. Becca, everyone is saying they hold together, so I'm going with it. I have purchased plants from the nursery and popped them right in the ground as you described. I guess seeing them watered and just sitting there didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  10. Are these the ones made by Burpee? I actually like these peat pots...they are much better than the lighter (almost grayish) colored ones that come in a round shape. I've found that the plant roots pass through these square pots much more easily...which is a good thing.

  11. Yes, Thomas, they are the ones made by Burpee. That's almost scary you can tell that by sight.