Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plants, What a Concept!!

Ok, not exactly plants, but an attempt!!  This weekend while buying PVC pipe for the new sprinklers, I saw that daylillies were on sale for a buck!!  So, I bought a couple.

El Desperado and Siloam Ury Winniford.  We got them into pots right away, considering I think we've missed the California planting window.  Now, the package said to plant them "point side up".  There was no point side.  There was a disc and some tentacles that resembled the hair of Predator.  I planted hair side down, although in retrospect, I probably should have planted one in each direction just to be safe.  Although, I wouldn't have written down which end was up, so I would have been at a loss anyway.

The daylillies are the three smaller pots on the left.  The larger pot on the right consists of an unknown amount of onions.

I say unknown, because my son helped me plant them.  There are three rows of them, and we plan on thinning them should they actually sprout.  This is our first attempt at seeds and, I must be honest, the seeds looked like sand.  My son's first reaction was "seriously?  Those look nothing like onions."  I couldn't disagree.  But, when I showed him the onion rings on the package, he couldn't plant them fast enough.

In the meantime, we have the compost down for the lawn.  I would have taken pictures, but it's now dark and the India Pale Ale requires me to not get out of my chair.  I should be able to take picture tomorrow during the day, because...

...the most important game of the season.  Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City from Manchester.  A win and we capture fourth (combined with an Arsenal loss and a win on Sunday and we get third!!  Lasagana revenged!!!  Look it up.)  A draw is fantastic, as we will remain in fourth.  A loss, and it becomes 98% we get fifth.  Not good.  Let me explain for the Americans:

The top four teams in the Premier League qualify for the Champion's League.  This is equivalent to the NCAA basketball tournament where all the Champions from all the leagues of Europe (and every country has one) play in a months' long tournament next year.  If we finish fifth, we qualify for the Europa league, which is the equivalent of the NIT tournament.  Do you know who won the NIT tournament?  I didn't think so.  Needless to say, the money is monumentally different between the two tournaments.

Therefore, I am taking a half day tomorrow from work, so I can be home by noon PDT to watch the game on ESPN2.  I expect ALL of you to do the same.  Ok, both of you.  Also, it's Cinco de Mayo, and my lovely wife gets to celebrate her Mexican heritage.  I get to drink Pacifico and watch the English Premier League.  Win-win in my book.


  1. OMG! Cinco de Mayo! Nearly forgot.

    I have these very same onion seeds. Right now I have a few dozen sprouts that I would be surprised make it into actual onions before the season is up.

  2. Good luck on the seeds. Cool that your son was so excited to plant them. Enjoy your half day off!

  3. Sylvana, I'll be pulling for your onions. I really need to start writing things down, as I can't remember when, exactly, we put them into the ground. Nothing yet. We'll see.

    Sherlock, thanks so much. I will enjoy the half day off, although I need to get to the office, now. Keep pulling for our Spurs!

  4. Enjoy that half day and the beer. What a fine idea. Good luck to your boys at the match.

  5. I have a crate of cold Kronenbourg and my fingers crossed that Gomes is fit. Jesus, I hope old Twitchy doesn't fuck up the team selection.

  6. Thank you, EE. We're keeping our fingers crossed and I'm wearing my lucky pornographic collar stays. I'd say it's in the bag.

    IG, good call. As long as he doesn't try play Assou-Ekotto on the right and puts in Kaboul, I say we'll be ok. We need Defoe to get out of his funk, though. Thank God for the Russian.


    See you in Europe? Don't wear that jacket,mind!

  8. OH IG, I may need to save my pennies to go!!! I'm staying at your house, if I do!!!!!