Friday, February 4, 2011

Smart & Stylish Award

The Elengantologist has awarded me, yes me, a Smart & Stylish Award.  Thank the Lord he's not seeing what I'm wearing right now, as he would rip that award clean out of my hand.  Anyway, I digress, as part of the award, I'm suppose to list seven things about myself you may or may not know.  Well, here it goes:

1)   I like beer.  Ok, you know that one.  Do over.

1)   I abhore talking on the telephone.  I don't think it's an actual phobia, mind you, but I absolutely can't stand it.  If you call and leave a question on my voice mail, you'll undoubtedly receive a written response.

2)   I was always a much better athlete in my mind then in my body.  Didn't matter the sport, baseball, soccer, wrestling, rowing, I was never the best.  Probably not even in the top half.

3)   I have a difficult time answering questions directly.  Drive's my wife batshit nutty.  "Answer the damn question!" is a normal sentence in our household.

4)   I prefer pen and paper over electronic versions of, well, anything.  Even post it notes are better, in my humble opinion.

5)   I knew nothing of gardening before starting this blog, and many would argue that has not changed.

6)   In 20 some odd years, I am going to make an absolutely smashing retired person.  I, actually, think "retiree" should have been my chosen occupation, instead of accountant.

7)   Why did an American choose Tottenham Hotspur as their favorite football team?  And, yes, that's what I call it, along with "American Football".  Get over it.  After visiting the UK a few years back, I really wanted to start following the Premiere League.  The fanatacism was amazing.  So, I had to pick a team.  I didn't want any of the big four, as where is the fun in that.  They needed to be in London, as we aren't going to be vacationing in all likelihood anywhere else.  They needed a small chance of relegation.  So, I chose Tottenham, because how cool is Tottenham Hotspur as a team name???  And, they play at White Hart Lane!!  That was too much to pass up.  So, here we are.

Again, I thank Mr. Cox for his award.  I'll keep it where I spend the most amount of the bar.

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  1. I'm with you on Number 1. Both Number 1's, actually. But I think we've had that conversation before. Both conversations.


    Where am I?

    I've had a long day. Speaking of beer....*sip*