Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rohan Anderson. Whole Larder Love.

Nice video interview of Rohan Anderson, who's blog is linked to on the left.  I've never met him, since he's in a different hemisphere, but I read his blog whenever something new appears.

I stole this image from his site.  Hope he doesn't mind, but I am giving some free advertising here!


  1. Great! Another blog I'll be having to read!!!

    By the way, how's the brewing going? You must try Nelson Sauvin (I think that's how it's spelled); it's a very fruity but bitter hop. It's my hop obsession at the moment!

    Oh, I think your comments thing might be buggered, too!

  2. Testing the comments thing, now, IG, since I don't think buggered means "working splendidly".

    Latest brew of a California Pale Ale was unsuccessful. I found the hard way that the 5 second rule does not apply to brewing. And, I tried a secondary fermenting, which just doubled my chances of contamination. After Oktoberfest this weekend, I'm going to brew another batch and see how it goes.

    Nelson Sauvin. I'll have to check my local brew supplier for that one. Thanks for the tip.