Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Mary of Jesus: Plants

Odd that I use biblical references so much, since I'm an atheist (knock 10 off the followers after that little revelation).  Anyhoo, we here at Castle Turling (read:  me) actually planted stuff this weekend!

Yes, they're small, but aren't we all at the beginning?  These are the daylillies I previously posted on these way back in January.  My God (biblical), that was 10 months ago.  And, yes, they're four inches tall!!!  Bite.  Me.  Greenhorn!!  It's in the title!!  I'm making no promises here, this is nothing more then an exercise in self degradation.

Moving along.  We finally got these in the ground.  I've been trying to get them to a point where they were tall enough where the rabbits won't eat them.  Then, we inherited a chihuahua.  That's another post, but the rabbits have vanished, although the chihuhua is the biggest pansy I've ever met.  Rabbits are dumber then dogs.  Write that down.  So, I'm feeling glass is half full that that the rabbits won't eat them to nubs.  The plants to nubs, not the chihuahua, although that wouldn't surprise me.

Now, my soil dirt is nothing more then inert matter.  Here's an example:

Bear in mind the darker brown on top is the soil and the orange item on the bottom is a field stone.  We have incredibly hard clay soil.  In an effort to make things grow, we're adding matter as we plant.  To the bed above we've added:

7 cubic feed of soil amendment
75 pounds of sand
25 pounds of gypsum

These are the daylillies pre-amendment all laid out.  And,  a couple of year's ago, I added two inches of planter's mix to this very bed.  No noticeable difference.  So, we added the above items and turned the soil in the couple of feet next to the lawn.  (At this time, I'd like to note the spectacular Lion's Tail in the background.)  I need to add about four more daylillies to the tail end (closest to the camera) in order to complete the entire row.  Our local big box store had some sorry looking daylillies, so I'm going to hit up the nursery this week.  In the meantime, I'm going to continue to add amendments to the backside of the planted row to get ready for the rest of the plants we'll attempt to get in this fall.

P.S.  North London Derby, Spurs 2, Arsenal 1.  All hail Kyle Walker.  What a strike.  And, all hail Wojciech Szczesny.  Should have had that, he should.


  1. No glass of anything worth drinking is ever half full. It's always half-empty...

    Anyway, I tried growing daylilies this year, and they did really well for me. They're still popping out flowers. The ones that are doing the best though, are the ones I like the least lol.