Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jerusalem Sage

I'm stretching the most recent acquisitions, as we are quickly coming to the end of our planting season.  Once the temperatures start getting into the mid-90's F (35 C), we'll stop planting until the fall.  Unfortunately, in our first season of plantings, we didn't get nearly as much accomplished as we had hoped.  Plants are not inexpensive.  Neither are kids.  Unfortunately.

Anyway, staying on task, next up is our Jerusalem Sage (phlomis fruticosa).

After searching through my photos, I realized I never took a picture once it was put into the ground.  Being the ingenious fellow I am, I realized there's enough light to run out and take a picture of it.  Only to be met with "no card".  No card?!?!?  What the hell does that mean???  Obviously, that called for a call to my wife, who's much better at these things then me.  I'm met with "I moved it to the other camera and I have that with me."  Crap.  I could wait until tomorrow to post this, but I am an American and delayed gratification is not something we are good at, so I'm posting it in the pot.  It looks the same in the ground.  Except, of course, the flowers are starting to bloom.  You'll survive.  Somebody told me that anticipation is the best part.  They were an idiot.

Anyway, Jerusalem Sage is native to the Mediterranean.  They get about four feet high and wide, and they have furry silver leaves, which I believe means they are somewhat drought tolerant.  That's good, since it was planted in the bed that I thought was watered significantly more then it really was.  It's a dog eat dog world at Castle Turling.  Bright yellow flowers bloom throughout the spring and summer months.  We put this right next to the gate that leads to the community path right behind our house, so it should be a nice lead in to wander up the small staircase to the gate.  Again, a picture would have been spectacular right here.


  1. Ha ha - my camera's favourite saying is, 'No batteries'. Well thank goodness for my phone because that never lets me down although the pictures aren't such good quality at least its a picture. What's this 35c buisness? I don't think our thermometers go that high LOL!

  2. That will look nice. I have a variety of Jerusalem Sage (I'll have to find the tag to know which one). I remember it not blooming for me the first year. The second year, it was stunning. It has since spread a bit. I had flowers earlier this year (didn't get a photo of them--amazing, I know). I should probably check on it.

    With all this flower photo business...I have more than one card for the camera. It helps. However, I get the same message when I've left the card in the reader by the computer.

  3. Shayla, darn technology. Also, the 35c is simply a brief stopping point on our way to 41c. It is s desert, after all.

    Sherlock, my problem with the multiple cards is that, well, I'm cheap. What can I say. I do have high hopes for the sage, though, especially since the flowers are appearing to be quite nice.

  4. My camera, when it cops an attitude, says "R10"...huh? I don't speak inexplicable error codes. A few thumps, power-cycling, and the occasional curse-word usually puts things right though. I love any plant that is sage-like. Looking forward to seeing this one in bloom. I just got suckered into a Salvia clevelandii 'Winifred Gillman'...not inexpensive either. Good thing photography went digital...I'm saving a bundle in film...otherwise I could never afford to go to the garden center!

  5. I hide my camera so no one can find it. My poor husband is stuck using his camera on his phone because I never know when I might need to take a picture of a bird or something important like that.
    I'll look forward to seeing the picture of the flower because I've only heard of Jerusalem sage, but never have seen one.

  6. Luckily, Mrs IG's expertise with electronics stops at the washing machine. Last year I offered to buy her a camera, and she wanted one that took film! She doesn't like digital cameras because they have options!

    Mind you, I think it's all a ruse so she doesn't have to carry extra shit in her handbag full of essential spare shoes, perfume, photos of her family, hair dryer and 52 piece cutlery set!

  7. Curbstone, I understand about the film. Although, I now find myself taking 300 pictures of the same thing in hopes one will be ok.

    Catherine, my wife hasn't gone as far as hiding the camera, but I think taking the card is up there.

    IG, I was just asking my wife the other day for the cleaver she carries in her handbag. Sometimes the cutlery is useful.