Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bless His Heart

Our fence blew down during some Santa Ana winds several weeks back.  Our neighbor, God love him, went out there to repair it.  The other day, after six solid days of rain (unheard of in Southern California), I came home and it had fallen over again.  Apparently, this is how he repaired it:

Yes, that's a door latch nailed to the piece of wood that split off from the post.  I just had to stand and stare for a moment.  It's an inch and a half long.  To hold up 100 pounds of fence.  Yea, didn't work.

I took two pieces of 18 long walnut I had left over and propped it back up.  Looks like Turling Castle gets a new fence come spring.


  1. What...Turling Castle doesn't have a moat?

    Fences are for peasants!

  2. It was nice of him to try. We've had neighbors in the past that would never have even made the effort. I don't envy you building a new fence though :(

  3. If a job's worth doing, it's worth getting someone else to do it.

    Re: Your last post. I really recommend that you purchase a copy of How To Brew by John J Palmer. It's the best book of its kind, and worth a read.

    It's a guide, a bible, a beacon of light, a friend, a companion ... hell, it's a lover! With a copy of that and Clawhammer Style Banjo by Ken Perlman, you could send off the wife and kids and die a very happy man.

  4. AH!! IG, Mrs. Turling got me the book along with the kit, and I've been reading it all week. Ready to try my first batch this weekend.

    I'll take the Banjo book under advisement. Along with the banjo, of course.

  5. Kyna, unfortunately, I live on a hill where one neighbor is six feet below me. That's how I learned water flows downhill!!! Wasn't such a good learning experience for my neighbor.

    Sherlock and Curbstone, I do give him credit. It was a noble attempt. And, it took seven consecutive days of rain to undo it, so it lasted pretty good.