Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decluttering: Take One

I'm not sure decluttering is actually a word, but I think everyone gets the point.  We've decided to begin clearing out our crap.  No, not to make way for new crap, but to open up some space in the kitchen and our closets.  Something I find stressful is opening a cabinet and having to remove four items in order to get to the one item I need.  Drives me batshit crazy.

So, we are clearing out the crap we don't use so we can more easily get to the stuff we do use.  Later (notice the title "Take One") we'll decide if the kept stuff is required as well.  This will be a continuous process and already feels liberating.  Anyway, on to the goods!!

This barely makes a dent.  Anyway, the following is what the Salvation Army will be picking up Monday. And, yes, Mr. IRS Agent, this is my PROOF of my deduction.  (Sorry, I'm an accountant.  For now.)

2 End tables
4 Framed pictures
1 Toddler bed frame, toddler not included
2 Bags of clothes
24 pieces of dinnerware, plates and the like
1 set of mixing bowls
1 mini table top fountain thing
1 coffee maker
1 bread maker (makes crappy bread, but I don't think that affects my deduction any)
4 serving dishes
1 icee maker
1 laptop, hard drive scrubbed, of course
1 waffle maker

Now, this stuff was pretty easy to get rid of, as we honestly never used it and a lot of it is duplicates of things we already have.  At any rate, it will be fantastic to get this stuff out of the house.  I can't wait until Monday.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have some actual gardening to do!  Alert Anderson Cooper (look him up)!!  My hands will be getting dirty!  Along with two children, if all goes according to plan.


  1. Dear Turling, I am sure that you feel better already now that you have made a start on the clearing. And, the Salvation Army I am certain will make perfect use of these items which you no longer need. How does your family feel about the 'minimalism' project?

  2. Awesome work! My husband's own acronym for such work is C.R.A.P.: Clutter Reduction and Abatement Program. =)

  3. Edith, my family is actually leading the charge on the minimalism project. I'm the one that attaches to things for sentimental reasons. For example, we have some furniture from my mother, who's still alive, and every time she comes over she asks "why do you still have that stuff?"

    Thanks, Sherlock. (Honestly, every time I respond to one of your comments, I want to write "no shit, Sherlock.")

    Biobabbler, that is spectacular. Consider that acronym stolen!