Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Plants Rabbits Won't Eat

From the good people at Sunset Magazine.  I'm only planting these plants in my garden.  Here's the link:

Rabbit Hated Plants


  1. I find if you eat all the rabbits, then they won't eat your plants. Just shoot the bastards, and get the stew pot on a high heat!

  2. Well, I hope their rabbit-resistant plant list is more accurate than their deer-resistant list! I assume anything that can't pick up and run, is potential fodder for all things four-legged. Good luck! :P

  3. We would snare the rabbits at our house. Our problem is mice. I won't eat mice.

  4. IG, unfortunately, the Department of Fish and Game frowns upon hunting in residential areas. I guess that's only if you get caught, though.

    Curbstone, agreed. One of the nursery employees I was speaking with recently told me the only plants rabbits don't eat are plastic ones.

    Faith, luckily we don't have mice. I would think the rabbits would be easier to deal with.