Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where is the Damn Summer?????????

That's the hill behind our house.  What hill, you ask?  The hill that's covered in God damn fog that's what hill!  It's suppose to be 75 F when I wake up in the morning in August and then hit 105 F in the afternoon when I'm inside an air conditioned building.  Instead, it's 55 F when I wake up and barely passes 80 F!  My tomatoes hate this crap and I took the top off my truck and freeze to death because of it!!!!  Alright.  I think I posted something with enough exclamation points.  Everybody back to sleep.


  1. Oh I am with you! I work in Napa (I used to live there) and by now we should have had multiple 100+ days. Last month we only had one day at 89 and 4 days over 80. It's not supposed to get over 80 in the next 10 days. What is going on?

  2. That is certainly a lovely photo but I'm sure you probably don't feel that way. Wish I could send you some of our hot weather. The rest of the country is experiencing hotter than normal.

  3. Summer? What's that? I was reading the newspaper on our new deck furniture this morning in Huntington Beach and the thermometer read below 60. Actually, I don't like heat, so I'm good with that.

  4. Ah, Rachel, yes you should. We've been to Napa a couple of times in August and I'm waiting for the Four Horseman to ride in signalling the apocalypse.

    Becca and Sherlock, I do understand the rest of the country is blanketed in heat and, worse, humidity. If I could take some of the heat, I would. You can keep the humidity, though.

    Lou, I think you're just like us...stuck in the neverending June gloom.

  5. I've got your damn summer RIGHT HEAH!

    *grabs crotch*

    You can have the bastard. I'm tired of it.

    The summer I mean, not my crotch.

    Effing summer.

  6. Kyna, Lord knows I like a good crotch grab. However, this weather is just too much. We should be hot, you should be cool and polar bears should be white, as opposed to whatever color their apparently changing to, because they have all our damn hot weather!!

  7. For the past couple weeks the temps here in Murrieta have been unseasonably cool - upper 50s in the evenings (had to break out the polartec blankies) and topping out between 80-90 in the daytime. At least 10 degrees below normal. We were completely socked in by fog this morning, which made me feel like we were in some kind of Stephen King novel and/or in need of a hot toddy. I'm not complaining, but some of my plants are (the sunflowers don't look very sunny anymore).