Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're Back! To gophers! Sons of...

Yes, I know, you didn't know we were gone.  But, we were.  We went to one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Yosemite Valley.  Six nights, seven days.  I think that was a movie, but Harrison Ford was no where near us.  Which is good, because that waif he's married to wouldn't have survived, and I'm sure at some point we would have been forced to eat her.  Anyway, that's a different post, once I get all the pictures together.

This one is about what we returned to.  A damn gopher.

Two holes up against a rock wall.  This is one of the difficult one's as it is at multiple levels, so my favorite flooding method does not work.  I think this one is the cousin of the last one I offed, so he's learned.  I think there is some Gopher Tribune around that gives away all my best stuff.

So, I laid the gopher trap this evening.

That would be the instrument of death.  Yes, we kill them.  Then, we cut their little heads off and put them on a stake that says, "Abandon All Faith, All Ye Who Enter Here."

Now, the question I first had is how in the name of God do I use the trap.  It's quite the contraption after all.  I'll leave it to you to figure out how to set it.  Don't let it close on your hand.  I'm sure it would hurt like hell.

First off, dig into a freshly created hole.  In this case, I got lucky and got a hole that was the end of the line, meaning I only need one trap.  If it's a pass through and there is a tunnel on two sides of the hole, then you'll need two traps, one for each direction.  Set the trap without puncturing your own hand and place right at the gopher hole entrance.

I attach a wire to the trap, because sometimes the little vermin backs into the hole after being caught.  This way, it can be dragged back out, again.

After setting the trap, cover the hole with something, in this case we used a piece of plywood.

Be sure to cover the edges so as to keep any light out of the hole.  Now...wait.  Tomorrow, I'm sure the trap will be sprung without a gopher attached and the hole completely filled to the bottom of the plywood.  That's how they mock me.  Little bastards.


  1. Dear Turling, Of course you have been missed and welcome home. Your holiday sounds to have been wonderful and I do so hope that you will be posting about it in due course.

    But what a homecoming and what an instrument of death! On such occasions as these I am rather pleased that I do not have to be put to the test in Maida Vale on the disposal of unwanted creatures. Netting the bulbs against squirrels is about as far as it goes. I do hope that you catch your gopher.

  2. First of all, I so want to see Yosemite. I will one day!

    As for your gopher. Good luck. Careful with the trap. It looks tricky.

  3. Ha! You and us both. I gave up on Macabee traps here, our soils are too friable and the tunnels get collapsed. However, we've had great luck with the cinch traps. If you missed it, we posted some video last week in our 'Got Gophers?' post of some of our trappings. Go get 'em! Good luck! :)

  4. Thank you, Ms. Hope. It's always nice to be missed.

    Sherlock, it is an absolutely stunning place. I hope you get there soon.

    Curbstone, I may have to switch to a different trap. I haven't had any success with these, although, my father-in-law has in our yard in year's past. We'll see what the next couple of day's hold.