Sunday, August 8, 2010


I figured it's about time to post some pictures of our Yosemite trip.  Not too many, mind you.  And, after a long weekend of painting, water parks with the Cub Scouts, gopher hunting (still haven't killed that little critter), car maintenance and the like, I'm just too darned tired to be witty.

Lower Yosemite Falls (don't take the pictures mid-day...make a note)

Half Dome, from a distance

Do Bears really shit in the woods?  Yes, they do.

Rafting on Lake Tenaya.  That's my sons raft in the lower left corner.

Deer that came wandering through camp.

Ahwahnee Hotel.  From my seat.  At the bar.  No need to live like heathens.

Kiki and dad playing in the Merced River.

My son and his uncle, heading downriver. 

That's all for now.  Say goodnight, Gracie.


  1. Dear Turling, From the first pictures I thought that you had all gone 'native' and were reliving the life of latter day pioneers. But, not so, since a bar and a hotel do not seem to me to be doing things the hard way!! I hope that you all had a lovely and relaxing time together.

  2. Thank god you posted the pic from the bar. I was worried about you for a second.

    Love the Half Dome pic, bet that was freakin breathtaking.

  3. Goodnight Gracie. :-)

    Mid-day photos. Sigh. I understand. But, sometimes, you take the photo when you're there just to say, "I was there!"

    I hope the bear photo was with a zoom.

    So want to go to Yosemite!!!

  4. Well, except for the poor bear wishing he had more privacy, looks like your trip was lots of fun! Sorry you haven't caught your gopher yet, they can be very slippery little critters...

  5. Ms. Hope, we were staying in a place called "Housekeeping", which is quite ironic, because if we didn't clean it, it didn't get cleaned. We were somewhat roughing it, but the Ahwahnee beckoned and I couldn't pass up a proper gin and tonic. Or several.

    Kyna, I didn't want anyone to think I was slipping. Although, my empties strewn about the campsite would have been proof enough.

    Sherlock, you are so right. When a two and seven year old are involved you get there when you can. And, the bear had actually just scampered down from a tree. No zoom. Although, we sure as hell zoomed out of there.

    Curbstone, it was a blast. I tried my flooding technique, but this gopher has burrowed into a small hill, so it currently has the higher ground. I'm not giving up hope, yet.

  6. I, too, finally made it to Yosemite a couple years ago.

    And... ummm, I do believe I was sitting in the same place at the Ahwahnee Hotel bar ;~D

    Well, we did stop for a drink, even though we weren't staying there. One must, am I right!

  7. Ah, drinking at the Ahwanhee. That's my idea of roughing it too. --Lou Murray