Thursday, August 12, 2010

Really? Brain?

Walking out to lunch yesterday, and the delivery truck with our Company's bottled water delivery is out front.  I notice a massive puddle of water on one side.  Walking around, I see the driver standing with three large (the give 5 gallon water cooler type) bottles on their sides letting the water drain.  He looks at me and says, "cracked".  I'm guessing the bottles, although I could have just as easily guessed his brain.  Keep in mind, he is doing this three feet from the bank of plants alongside the building.  The exchange went something like this:

Him:  Cracked.
Me:  Don't you think it might be a little less wasteful to poor them into the plants right there, rather then down the parking lot?
Him:  Can't.
Me:  Why?
Him:  Against company policy.
Me:  Your company is against watering plants?
Him:  If the plants die, it would be our fault.
Me:  What's in your water that would cause the plants to die?
Him:  Nothing.
Me:  Then why not water them?
Him:  Oh.  All done.  Have a nice day.

This is why I need to be allowed to drink while at work.


  1. Nothing worse than an idiotic jobsworth. At least you tried.

  2. The joys of living in a litigious society. People are afraid to act outside of the box, lest they be sued for making someone else's plants wilt. Sheesh. Oh well, you tried :)

  3. Thank you for trying.

    I hate seeing people waste water.

    I hope he recycled the bottles.

  4. HAHA!! Some days are just like that aren't they? Some days I feel like the squirrel thing off of Ice Age--you remember the part where he gets stressed out and his little eye bulges out and his eyelid starts to have a seizure!! Really--people are amazing, thanks for the giggle this morning!!

  5. Some people just don't think about anything out of the box. Plants are out of the box for that person. My boys used to pour water from the ice chest on the driveway. Well, they don't do that anymore, they pour it on the flowerbeds now.

  6. Hahahahahahha....I love this exchange. It's hilarious. I'm not gonna get too political here because the point is obvious. I just needed a good laugh. Thanks!

  7. Same reason we're not allowed to give away the food that gets wasted in our cafe. You'd think it would be much less wasteful to give it away to the homeless shelter or something. But we can't, just in case someone gets sick or something. From what, you ask? Nothing. But the company's just trying to cover it's ass. Stupid, eh?

  8. Thank you everyone. I think the worst part was the look on his face as we were having our conversation. It screamed, "are you an idiot?" as he was looking at me.

  9. The more I think about it, the more concerned I am that they are expecting people to drink something they won't pour on a plant. You might want to take your own water to work.

  10. Now, if he had tipped it into the plants, they would have consumed the water and that would have been that. instead, it ran into the drains, through the pipes and to the sea. There, the sun heated it and it became clouds that drifted over to England and turned to the rain that is now currently meaning I don't have to water the garden.

    You bastard; you tried to take that away from me!

  11. Ah, IG, you see, rather then sit watering with one hand and enjoying a pint in the other, my master plan was for you to not have to water and enjoy a pint for each hand. But, if you don't want that...

  12. Heh. This sort of reminds me of all the times when the maintenance guy at my work tells me I can't ask him directly to fix our constantly fritzed-out A/C-heater (our office feel like Alaska in winter and Death Valley in summer). Instead, I have to first email the property managers in Newport Beach (next County over) to ask them to ask him (who's standing right in front of me) to fix our problem. It's all about company policy, and it's also a Joseph Heller novel in the making.