Monday, June 7, 2010

Balloons, Cub Scouts and Other Stuff

Well, maybe not so much other stuff, but this past weekend was filled with the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival and my son's Cub Scout Soap Box Derby races.  Unfortunately, not much gardening got done and that seems to be becoming a theme.  But, not to worry, I have plenty in store for this week.  Oh, Christ, I'm becoming one of those bloggers.  The one's that just promise stuff.  Stay tuned!!

The Wine Festival occurs on the first weekend of June and we have been going for the past eight year's now.  This year, we were fortunate enough to get one of the campsites right outside the festival.  Make's the whole staggering process much easier only being a hop, skip and a jump from the entrance.  In case you were wondering, above is how a two year old spends her time at the festival.  Below, is how a two year old should spend the weekend.  I'm kidding, get off the phone to social services.  She was playing with the dog, for crying out loud.

The festival itself contained about two dozen of our local vineyards.  It did, surprisingly, seem a little smaller this year as far as vintner's went, but a good time was had.  When not drinking and being otherwise merry, the festivities include hot air balloons which are quite common in these parts.  The balloons take off early Saturday and Sunday morning along with passengers that have more money then sense.  I was on the ground with my coffee and camera.

At night, the venue changed to what is referred to as the glow.  About eight or so balloons are tethered down within the festival.  They then hit the flame causing the whole balloon to glow, hence the name.  Clever these Temecula people are with their naming.

Wonderful time at the festival.  If you're ever in the Southern California area during the first weekend of June, I highly recommend stopping by.

Next up, my son graduated from the first year of Cub Scouts.  He moved from being a Tiger to being a Wolf.  It's quite a lot of work these boys put into this, so it is quite an accomplishment.

There he is getting his certificate.  They had a little bridge that they crossed over, which quickly became a ramp and jumping contest.  Their seven, what do you expect.

I was going to imbed a video of his run, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that at this point.  So, you'll get a picture of Banana, and you can imagine her tearing down the hill.

All in all, a very fun filled and action packed weekend.  We'll return to our regular programming, momentarily.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend for all involved. The balloons are cool. Love all the colors.

  2. Balloons and wine? Sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend!

  3. What fun. I'd love to see the balloons in person. I'll have to check our local area because I remember last year I was checking about balloons and we do have one here. Congrats to the boy scout. Lots of hard work.

  4. Now that looks like a fun time! I had to lol at your two yr old in the cage....our grandkids love to get in our dog crates when they come over to our house. Too funny... : )

  5. Thank you, everyone. It was a very good weekend, if not a little warm.

  6. Drink a lot of wine, lock your kid in a kennel. I'd laugh it off and pretend it was funny too, if I were you.


    LOVE the balloon pictures. I've always wanted to go up in one of those. And every so often I'll read a newspaper story about one crashing in a horrific burst of flames.

    But they sure do look pretty :D

  7. Kyna, finally someone has figured out my master plan.

    I have only been up in a hot air balloon one time, as part of an attempt to overcome my fear of heights. Unfortunately, I was standing on the outside of the balloon basket with a bungee strapped to me and when we hit 300 feet some crazy bastard screamed, "Jump!". So I did. I'm more terrified of heights now then ever before.

  8. That sounds like a great weekend. I guess with young kids we've got to squeeze gardening in around all of their activities. The balloon festival looks really fun.