Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Planting

We finally got some plants into the ground today.  Just a few of our recent acquisitions.  With the early morning departure of the Three Lions (England, by the way), that has suddenly freed my calendar for gardening and other assorted forms of debauchery.  We planted a row of Impatients today.

Actually, Bubba did most of the Impatient planting.  I was inside putting the baby down for a nap, no, I was not getting a drink, and when I came out he had eight of the ten in the ground, already.  Look at him go.

We did a row of orange and white interspersed along one edge of the lawn.  I have no idea how big these things get, so I'm hoping our eyeballing of proper spacing allows them to be shoulder to shoulder.  If not, it was the boy's fault.  Alright, alright, I told him where to put them.  Simmer down, people.

We also got the daylillies from yesterday's post in.  I think I need to wait until the evening for the pictures, as with summer approaching the daytime sun is rather harsh.  I give it 50/50 I actually remember to wait.

We did have some other plants that went in, but that will be for a future post.  In the meantime, I leave you with a "Fun with Duct Tape" moment.

Yes, it's a hang glider.  Made of duct tape.  Damn Mythbusters.  Look them up.  I need to start a blog just with the crazy ass stuff this kid does.  Until next time...


  1. Your little gardener/stunt man is great! Efficient too.
    Another use for duct tape!!
    Will the impatiens get some shade there?

  2. I love the duct tape hang glider. I will try not to show my son the picture until he is out of his wheelchair in a couple of weeks.

    I do love seeing kids have fun planting in the garden. I hope your impatiens and daylilies do well this summer.

  3. Maybe you could borrow the hang-glider as a shade structure for your impatients? :P In the meantime, maybe we could borrow Bubba...we have a LOT of planting to do, and looks likes he's good at it!

  4. the hang glider! That's a crafty little guy you have there.

    I can't wait to be able to put my son to work in the garden. I'm sure you were a good supervisor.

  5. Noelle, I have high hopes for the daylillies, but I think we'll be moving the impatiens. I wish the best for your son.

    Curbstone, the boy burns bright, but not very long. Soon after this, he was done. But, I do love his initiative and the fact that he knew what to do!

    Thomas, I wish I could say I taught him everything he knows. I definitely taught him everything I know, but I think he's advancing beyond me.

  6. HMMM, duct tape hang gliders--My crew hasn't come up with this yet--zip lines, go kart racing, and jumping off the roof onto the trampoline, but not hang gliders--My good luck would be them using the hang gliders to jump off the roof--trampoline optional. LOVE the daylily colors--mine are all more pastel, but my goal for next year is to introduce some brighter colored daylilies in the gardens!