Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Game Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, 7 am PDT (or is it PST, I never remember).  The United States takes on Algeria at the same time England go up against Slovenia.  Very simple, really, if the US wins, we go to the knockout rounds.  Lose, and we come home.  Tie and we wait for the announcers to tell us.  Really, I do know, I just don't have that much time.

For England (my second favorite national side), the situation is the same.  Win and they're in, lose and they head back to Heathrow, tie and math is involved.  Everybody keep your fingers crossed!!


  1. Those Algerians were organised! Still, don't play like muppets and you should go through, as should we.

  2. Shame about the French! Bloody dancing fops, worse at football than they are at wars!

  3. I was all ready with a comment about my husband avoiding all newscasts so he can watch the game without knowing the result, being taped on the DVR. We are huge soccer fans and have watched every game. But the comment about France made me nearly spew my coffee on the laptop screen. I agree of course, but he said it so well. lol :-)

  4. vier beatum, I believe you are correct. US and England will finish one, two.

    IG, once again your insight is without question. Seeing as one of my best friends, Irish Pete, is, well....Irish, I have to chuckle.

    Fairegarden, I shall be sure NOT to post the results in the comment section on your site. Don't want to take any chances.

  5. I'm sure you're still tickled pink at the moment. Off to the next round!

  6. Thomas, I'm still trying to overcome the hangover. Unfortunately, the game being in 24 hours will not help that fact.