Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog Days of Summer and Poo Watch!!

It's been a very trying week here at Castle Turling.  Especially, for my son.  Last Wednesday was the last day of school.  That afternoon, he came down with some type of virus that affected his stomach.  Let's just say there was a lot of mopping going on here in the Castle.  All over the weekend, the poor lad fought the infection.  Then, yesterday, our in-laws Beagle, whom my son has been with since the day my son was born, was hit by a car and killed.  Last night was not a pleasant night.  It was the first time my son and I sat and cried together.  I've never felt so bad for him before.  It was not the best way to start summer vacation.

We'll miss you Winston the Dog.

As if that wasn't enough, the other child, Banana, decided last Thursday, when my son didn't find a piece of food he actually wished to keep in his stomach, that it would be a good day to eat a...marble.  Needless to say, there was pandemonium here at the Castle.  My lovely wife was in the shower when my son burst into the room screaming that Banana was choking.  My wife sprung into action and ran downstairs to a baby who was turning blue.  Needless to say, a fruitless car drive, a call to 911, an ambulance ride and several x-ray's later, my wonderful daughter is the proud owner of some miscellaneous round object in her gut.  Now, the poo watch.  We get the joy of sifting through dirty diapers looking for the marble.  None, yet.  A return to the doctor today revealed the marble has only moved slightly, but at least it has moved.  That's a good sign.  Don't worry, I don't have any pictures of the dirty diapers.  No need to turn away.

There was some house work, though, that got completed amongst the chaos.  I'm building a built in cabinet for a downstairs closet.  This will become my wife's workstation for her scrapbooking and a place where the kids can do their homework.  We got the center section stained and polyurethaned this weekend.

This center section of cabinets is going to go between the two side towers of shelves below.

Well, that's a crooked little picture.  I'm thinking the tripod may begin to come in handy.  The center cabinet will go between the top two shelves of the two towers.  Once that's completed, four drawers will be built for the four gaping holes in the bottom two cabinets supporting the desk top.  After that...trim work.  Never a dull moment on the homestead.


  1. Dear Turling, What a dreadful time you have had. I am so very sorry about your son's illness, your daughter's near choking and the loss of Winston. I should have been beside myself with worry and anxiety as, no doubt, you were. However, I am glad that things are, albeit slowly, improving and trust that a return to normal is not too far away.

    Clearly, judging from the cabinet making, gate making, etc. etc., you are more than just a gardener!!

  2. When shit happens, shit happens.

    Don't give the girl-child any curry, or that marble might take someone's eye out!

  3. I'm sure you love being a parent, but....Duuuude.

    Most of the time I'm very happy I don't have children. The only time I could ever see myself sifting through excrement, is if something/someone ate my engagement ring. And even then, I'd probably pay someone very good money to do it for me.

    But then again, you're a parent. That's the kind of shit that parents have to go through...literally...

    I'm sorry about the beagle...must have been heatbreaking for your son and yourself.

  4. I hope all is well soon with your daughter and that your son's school break gets way better. So tragic about the beagle. Been there! Your carpentry skills are awesome. Thanks for sharing the projects.

  5. Thank you for the kind words everyone.

    Ms. Hope, being an Accountant by trade, I find I love to work with my hands when at home. Therapeutic, it is.

    IG, the girl likes the spice. Thanks for the advice on the curry. White bread and apple sauce are in her future.

    Kyna, terribly sorry to make you squirm, dear. The key is to have a stay at home spouse and a daughter who's schedule dictates the checking only occurs when you are at the office. Works out quite well.

    Sherlock, thank for words of encouragement.