Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm at a Loss...Again

I think I put them in upside down.  Apparently, there was a top and a bottom.  They looked like pieces of straw at the time with no discernible right-side or wrong-side.

These were the three daylillies from a previous post.  Only one has sprouted.  I dug up the other two to see if there was any sign of greenness, but no.  Now, the one that survived sprung up way over to one side, which is why I'm thinking they went in upside down.  Crap, there's another weed in the picture.  I think I need to take a photography class and study "staging"; primarily, as it applies to the absence of weeds.

I'm not sure which daylilly this is, so it is a little exciting anticipating which it will be.  I did notice there is a second sprout, which is barely visible from the living pot.  In hindsight, I'm thinking I may have put two in one pot.  Twice the fun, I say!


  1. I don't know anything about starting day lilies from seed but you have a couple of sprouts! That's something. I have that same weed always showing up in my garden. It's a pain.

  2. They are challenging to plant. I planted a dozen of those tangled daylily starts in pots on the deck a while ago. I admit, up versus down is a bit of a challenge. Mine had also been forgotten in the garage for a bit, so I had some failures just because they were past their prime. I still have 3 Custard Candy, and 5 Chicago Apache though. The good thing about daylilies is that once they're planted, they can be divided again later to make more. So long as you have one, someday you'll have many!

  3. I can just see the little spot of green next to the larger one. I can't wait to see which kind of daylily comes up. Do you like surprises?

  4. Sherlock, I hate those weeds. My father used to refer to them as Spurge. I'm not sure if that's the actual name, or just one of those words that sounded appropriate.

    Curbstone, sound advice. I do only need one, I agree. Plus, I bought those from the dollar bin, so they were all probably past their prime.

    Noelle, your guess is as good as mine. I shall be sure to take lots of pictures of my first success. I've never grown anything from seed before.

  5. That's sterling work, there! I'm glad I'm not alone!

  6. IG, I do aim to please. Luckily, this type comes easy.