Saturday, June 12, 2010


Thanks to Robert Green, England's keeper, the USA drew against England.  The lads played very well, and were a mere inches from snatching victory from a later Jozy Altidore shot, but were able to get a draw thanks to an absolute blunder from England's keeper against a very tame shot on target from the USA's Clint Dempsey.  The shot was so tame for that matter, that I believe US coach Bob Bradley missed it, having turned away expecting a simple collection from the English net minder.  No matter, the draw was a spectacular result for the US.

This should set us up very well to make it out of the group stages.  I do still believe we will finish second due to one of two scenarios:

1)  England will beat both Slovenia and Algeria, while the United States will win and draw against the same two opponents,


2)  England and the US will both win their next two games, but, England will win on superior goal differential.  The Three Lions are much more inclined to go for the jugular then the US, so they will pound both Slovenia and Algeria, while the US will merely win.

Either way, congratulations to Clint Dempsey and the boys for a job well done.  Now, I must go and pull some weeds.


  1. Did you hear about the bet between the US and British Ambassadors? I guess dinner's off.

  2. I did, Thomas. Perhaps, they can meet in Iceland! That would be considered halfway. HA!