Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recent Acquisitions

It has been a long week.  Between marble filled children, football and the a-holes at the Securities and Exchange Commission, there has been precious little gardening time.  Never fear, with the elimination of the US this morning, I am now down to one team to root for.  Come on, England!!!!  I do want it noted that a Tottenham striker, not that useless United striker, propelled England out of the group.  I'm just saying...

Anyway, back to the task at hand.  Picked up a few plants this afternoon, since I had run out of booze at noon, which surprisingly opens up one's day.  We picked up a couple of daylillies to go in the front yard.

Hemerocallis Purple Galaxy.

Hemerocallis Velvet Red

The flowers are from the end of the day, but they still don't look too bad.  We'll be getting them in the ground tomorrow, along with some of the other items we picked up.  After England and Germany, of course.


  1. They both look nice. My favorite colors--purple and red (ish).

  2. Dear Turling, I come to your postings for updates on the World Cup which, happily, elsewhere I remain blissfully unaware of. I assume that the USA have gone, would that that could have been England. Soon though, I do not doubt!!

    Now, your Hemerocallis, another matter entirely. I love the deep wine of 'Purple Galaxy' and will try to find it for inclusion in my friends' garden in Brighton where the main border includes that colour.

  3. Too bad about the liquor because with the heat really coming on, I always need something to cool me down after some good digging. I have been known to have a beer while I am in the shower cleaning up :) - probably too much information.

  4. I'm sorry Turling :( World Cup-wise, not flower acquisition-wise...

  5. Ms. Hope, unfortunately, England went out today, as well. Pummeled, I think the word may be.

    Jeff, completely agree. Nothing like a good cocktail while soaking in the tub for myself.

    Kyna, thank you. Unfortunately, I don't have a third favorite team, so I'm just going to root against Maradona (the Hand of God is not easily forgotten).